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Congregation of Yahweh, Jerusalem

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      GREETINGS in Yahshua's Name.  We just returned from our trip to Kenya with much success.  There are several thousand members in Kenya, who Elder Duggar from Church of God 7th Day, started a congregation with in 1971.  Duggar is the one who ordained Herbert Armstrong back in 1931 and died in 1975.  It was really an eye-opening trip to us in many different ways.  The brethren down there are extremely poor, but have such high spirits it was amazing.  Most do not have even the simple conveniences such as electric, running water or indoor plumbing, but none of them complained in the least.  It also taught us that material blessings are not always a real indication of one's spiritual condition.  It was such a testimony to us.  We drove to a different congregation almost daily in small public transportation called Mutatos.  These are 10-passenger mini-van that they cram in about 22 to 25 people.  We were told that before the government tightened the laws for the crowding of these vans they even had people sit on top of the roof of the van, but again no complaints.  One young girl had waited 6 months just to thank us for a dress she received in an earlier aid package.  Their humility won't be forgotten.  The women there especially are extremely hard workers.  We were blessed to witness the baptism of 15 new family members while there.

      We are determined to continue to work with the brethern there to help them with their main problems of unemployment of about 80%, and the education of their children which is very, very poor.  We are trying to start a project, Yahweh willing, to help them get a school property that they can work from to create jobs and income and also not only educate their children to the ways of yahweh, but also other Kenyan children.  The school, if purchased, could also be privatized, so that not only would they be able to properly educate their children in the ways of Yahweh but they could also produce income to use for the starving poor African brethren.  This would also put the Church in Kenya on a safe ground with the government.  Although freedom of religion is the official policy of Kenya, Sabbath keepers are frowned upon, and not truly legitimized.  With a school as headquarters it could protect them from persecution in the future, but most importantly teach their children how to read so that they can learn to read the Bible.  We are setting an estimated goal of between $10,000 to $15,000 to purchase property and build a school building.  It could also be used to house fleeing brethren from Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda  We are also going to be sending them aid to help them evangelize to other areas.  They have started congregations in Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan.   We met one of the ordained elders from Sudan who shared with us the dire need to the brethren there.  They are dying of diarrheas, starvation, and many other things.  As poor as the Kenya brethren are, each congregation took up an offering for the Ethiopia brethren.  We also gave a sizable offering for the brethren there.  Between civil war and drought, the situation in both Ethiopia and Sudan is desperate.  Many have fled these countries and are living in refugee camps under UN control.  You can read in out newsletter of some of the horrific stories happening in Uganda and Sudan.

      We are calling this project "Project Africa"  Our goal is to make Kenya self sustaining in 12 months.  These people are hard workers, and don't just want handouts.  All they honestly need is a little jump-start from the brethren around the world who have been blessed to help them.  If we could accomplish the school building project in the next 12 months, then from the income of this project, the Kenyan brethren would fund all the other needy brethren from the other African countries.  We truly have the opportunity not to just help one needy brother, but to literally change the lives of thousands of African brethren in that part of the world.  And, as I had already stated, to some of them, it is life and death.

      If anyone would like to contribute to this project over the next 12 months, please put for the Kenya project on your offering.  Both Petra and Myself are fully committed to help in any way possible.  The love and dedication of the brethren down there truly touched us in a way words cannot express.  We thank you for all your prayers, and support to the African Brethren.
B'Shem, Yahshua, Don
Congregation of YHWH
P.O. Box 832
Carteret, NJ 07008